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Book Review Of The Book "Nemesis" By Agatha Christe

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Essay Preview: Book Review Of The Book "Nemesis" By Agatha Christe

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The book "Nemesis" is about an old spinster who lives in the village of St.

Mary Mead. Her name is Mrs. Jane Marple. One day she gets a letter from a man she was on vacation with in the Caribbean. The old man: Mr. Rafiel has died of illness and he has left a note from Mrs. Marple in his will. He tells her that she must solve a mystery which is of great importance to him. Mrs. Marple soon finds herself on a guide trip paid by the late Mr. Rafiel. And she tries to find out if someone of the passengers could be involved in something which could have bothered Mr. Rafiel. One of the passengers: Elizabeth Temple has something very important she wants to tell Mrs. Marple, but before she has a chance to tell her she gets hit by a rock on a trip in the mountains. Mrs. Marple does not think this was an accident and decides to investigate the case. She stays in an old manor with some old friends of the late Mr. Rafiel, which are three sisters named: Mrs. Glynne, Mrs. Clothilde and Mrs. Anthea Bradbury - Scott. Jane Marple soon throws herself into a mystery where things are not like they seem they are and people are not who they seem to be.

Setting and Theme

Most of the book takes part on the countryside in a little village where Mrs. Marple is trying to solve the mystery. Some parts of the book also takes part in London, e.g when Mrs. Marple visits Mr. Rafiel`s lawyers and gets to know her task.

I think the book is really about that you should not trust everyone because people who seem nice can also be "the bad guys".

My opinion

I liked the book very much. It was very exciting, and if I started reading it, it was very hard to put it away. The book was also like a real crime story, because you did



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