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Book Report On Twilight

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2. Title of book twilight

3. Rationale

I'd heard of the movie first which is extremely popular with a large number of fans. That's why I become interested in and was surprised with joy to find the book in our library. The element of vampires attracts me a lot. What's more, Brooke strongly recommended it to me later, which makes it my first choice of the Book Report.

4. Characters chart

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5. Character trace

Transformation of Bella's feeling towards Edward

Step 1 Feeling strange and curious to know him

1. At first day of school, Bella met him during lunch. She was attracted by his looking and expression. She asked question about him and his family, just out of curiosity.

2. She then met Edward in Biology class, he behaved strangely on seeing her, hostile and furious. He leaned away from Bella as if smelled something bad. Not knowing what was going on, Bella was shocked and filled with anger.

3. Again Bella met him in the office when he was trying to chance class, his piercing, hate-filled eyes chilled her more than the freezing wind. She was fighting tears the whole way home.

4. Edward didn't show up the rest of the week, which made Bella want to know what his problem was. She couldn't get rid of the suspicion that she was the reason he wasn't there.

Step 2 Get to know him and found something unusual about him, however attracted by him

5. Edward was back on Monday when they had their first talk in the Biology class. He was perfectly polite and Bella couldn't help share her story with him. Meanwhile she found something strange: his eyes changed color and he words" you are difficult to read."

6. The next day, although Bella was suspicious of him and frightened of the hostility she sometimes felt, she was attracted by his perfect face and was eager to get to school because she would see Edward Cullen.

7. An accident happened that day and Edward saved Bella from Tyler's van. She couldn't figure out why he was so fast. At that night, she dreamed of Edward for the first time.

8. After the accident, Bella found that no one else was as aware of Edward as she always was and no one watched him the way she did. The fact that they didn't speak to each other for quite a long time made Bella feel bad.

9. Edward's mood swings were kind of giving Bella whiplash. She was absorbed by him.

10. Edward asked Bella to go to Seattle together what's more they began to have lunch together, too. Bella, in fact, had some theories about what Edward was. However, she was more fascinated than afraid.

Step 3 Know that Edward was a vampire and was in love with him

11. Bella heard of the scary story about the cold ones from Jacob Black. She desperately avoided thinking of this while searched Internet for more information. She had two ways now--whether to avoid him as much as possible or do nothing different. Bella knew that she wanted nothing more than to be with him.

12. When Edward saved Bella from the bed guys on the street, Bella finally showed her feeling that it didn't matter to her what Edward were. That night Bella was certain that she was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward.

Step 4 They made their love clear to each other and Bella showed great trust and sacrifice in the relationship

13. As Bella loved Edward so much she was ready to trust unconditionally and to sacrifice more. She carefully protected Edward from losing control and wanted to make things safer for him for the sake of his family.

14. She was so brave that she went to the Cullens' house. She weren't afraid of them but she were afraid that they wouldn't like her.

15. When she was discovered by some evil vampires and in great danger, she couldn't bear it if anyone especially Edward to be hurt because of her. At last she wanted to become a vampire like him so that they could live together forever.

6. Setting

Time: Now, around the year of 2002

Important places: Forks Phoenix Port Angeles

7. Setting's impact

Time set in present days so that we feel more in common with the characters in the story, which makes the novel more attractive.

Forks is a small town with a small population, where is more likely to have something unusual to happen. It is also one of the most sunless places in the world, which is reasonable for vampires to live in. Its surroundings, trees and mountains, provide a proper environment for all the adventure going on.

Phoenix has a large population, which is one of the reasons Bella choose it to be a hiding place during runaway. Also, it's the place where Bella grew up. James knew that human beings always wanted to seek somewhere familiar, so he predicted that Bella would run to Phoenix. That's how he tricked Bella into danger.

Port Angeles is new to Bella so that she finally got lost in the streets and met some bad guys. This accident gave Edward a chance to save Bella again which led to Bella's confession to him. It's a turning point in their relationship.

8. Climax

The Cullens decided to protect Bella because James, the tracker, wanted to hunt for her. Jasper and Alice ran Bella south while others lead the enemies off. When Bella was resting in a hotel in Phoenix, she got a phone call from her home. Thinking that her mother was in the hand of James', she had no choice but to do what she was told to. She determined to end this all by herself so that she got away from Jasper and Alice in the airport then went to the ballet studio to meet James. She was then found tricked and bit on the hand by James. James recorded how Bella was attacked and the story of Alice about the reason why she couldn't remember how she became a vampire. Bella was tortured to death when the others came to rescue. Because of his love for Bella, Edward was strong enough to suck the venom back out without killing her. James was destroyed and Bella was saved at last


9. Theme

A theme of twilight is Fearless love.

The theme is in the novel from beginning



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