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Essay Preview: Bios

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You have been asked to go in and fix a system BIOS - do you feel that you could do what the person is asking you and do it correctly. (A minimum of 3 complete sentences)

Yes, in most cases I would flash the BIOS. First I would find the motherboard make and model. Next, download the correct or updated BIOS from the manufactures web site. Flash the BIOS by booting to DOS in Safe Mode. The general syntax 'abbreviated bios maker'flash name of downloaded BIOS file'.bin. If asked to save current BIOS click yes.

You are asked to recommend whether or not to upgrade a system. What are you going to look at and what would you recommend?

First I would have a conversation with the owner on what his needs are. Including questions like What would you like to do with your computer? What do you feel you can not do or are unhappy about the current system?...ect. Obviously, once I had a firm understanding of what the owner was looking for I would take a look at the computer specs including, Motherboard make/model, CPU speed, RAM type/busspeed, Hard drive space/utilization, video card make/ model, sound card, peripheral devices, and OS. The recommendation given would be highly based on the owners needs and budget. From experience I have generally dealt with owners that have not upgraded their computer in 5-7 years but want windows XP and burn DVDs and run their microwave and....well you get the picture. =)



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