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Bilog 101

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Article Assignment one global warming

This article is about the daily reality that the residents of the Urubamba River Valley in Peru, the birthplace of Incan civilization face. Countries like Peru feel the effects of climate change, more so than the U.S. because they have many more people living precariously off the land. According to the article "the Andes region is one of the world's most mega-diverse hot spots" Some of the Issues that are addressed in the article are.

a. The melting of the Andean glaciers (100 meters a decade)

b. Changes in climate temperature

c. Fluctuations in precipitation

d. Water levels going down without replenishment

e. New pest have started to appearing

f. Snow Lines is starting to recede

g. Peru's plant and animal species are being affected

Is the climate change sign of global warming? Are humans to blame for the warming? In part, yes we also have the means to change the future and stop or slow it down. The smokestacks, car tailpipes, and burning forests have accelerated the warming trend. The article suggests that it is not too late turn down the heat? The oceans are great reservoirs of accumulated heat that will continue to shape the climate not mush can be done about that. But the consumption of gas is something that we can control. Global warming is real, that it is affecting us now, and human activities particularly the burning of fossil fuels is the primary cause. Making things worse "Peru is allowing more oil and gas exploration, feeding the global oil addiction. We need to do to address the problem: immediately and significantly reduce emissions of the pollutants that cause global warming.



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