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Billy Elliot

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Essay Preview: Billy Elliot

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Even though Billy's life was extremely difficult, Billy succeeded and ended up as a winner by playing the lead role in one of the most famous play called "swan lake". The main reasons for Billy's success were his independence, talent, being open-minded and especially his ballet teacher. If Billy didn't have any of them he would have never succeeded.

There were many harsh circumstances that Billy had to face during his journey to become a professional ballet dancer. One of them was the death of his mother, Billy had no support form his family until the end of the film. Billy was very close to his mother and the letter that Billy read to Ms Wilkinson showed that she loved Billy very much. Billy just being himself ,like his mother wrote to him in the letter, was a key factor in his ability to survive the harsh circumstances. It's not the only Billy's characteristics which helps him. Another important characteristic is that Billy was very gutsy.

Billy's ability to do something that is completely different and not feel ashamed but to feel proud is amazing. In one of the first scenes Billy gets asked to take the keys to Mrs Wilkinson who is teaching ballet in the other room, even though that ballet is a girls sport and he knows that his dad would forbid him, he still joins the class. When Billys father Jackie finds out, Billy stands up to him and tells him that ballet is not just for "poofs", and that he enjoys doing it. A further characteristic is Billy's determination.

No matter what, Billy never gives up. At one point in the film when Billy's father catches him in the ballet class he forbids him to continue, Tony ends in jail because of the strike and Billy misses his audition to the royal academy of ballet school. All hope is lost but Billy doesn't stop there. He practices so much and gets so good that he convinces his father to let him go to London to audition at the school. As well as his determination another important characteristic is Mrs Wilkinson (Debbie).

Ms Wilkinson had a very important role in Billy's success. When Billy first came into her class she was willing to teach him. She understood that Billy was talented and all she needed to do was give him some encouragement that he obviously wasn't getting from his family. She was very committed and she never gave up on Billy. When Billy missed the audition to the ballet school she went to Billy's house to tell Tony and Jackie that they had done a terrible mistake not letting him go. Tony got so angry he did everything but assault



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