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Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is known as one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. He is responsible for creating the largest computer and technology business in the world, Microsoft. In the company's early days, no one would have thought that it would change both America and the world from that point on. Gates and his company have created both computers and software that has revolutionized everything in America and the world. What is more amazing is the company continues to grow and revolutionize the ways in which Americans live out their lives. Most importantly, Gates makes people comfortable with his software by making it operate easier and more enjoyable. Bill Gates is living the American dream.

When Gates first created Microsoft, selling products to middle class Americans was difficult. At that time, computers were much larger in size and also in price, people thought of the computer as a toy, not a work necessity or communications tool. The American people already had their tools for work and school such as the typewriter and the use of the library, so why would they need a computer. In the early stages no one realized how Gates would change the way we explore the world and our cultures, view multi-media, make purchases over the Internet, and meet new people. These happenings were not created in the early stages though. As Microsoft began to grow, businesses started to realize that they could use computers and printers to organize their files in a whole new way. Documents that once filled a six-foot tall filing cabinet now fit into a small three and a half inch sized floppy disc. Something that simple eliminated the need for businesses to rent out more space and spend less money on document storage, which saved the company money. Even though computers were much larger than, the space they required was still much less than a company's filing system.

Even though businesses started acquiring computers and software, the everyday American still saw no purpose in purchasing one for the home. High schools started building computer rooms for people to use, but since they were so expensive a high hourly rate had to be charged. During this time gates Realized that he would have to develop are more readily available access for the everyday American. In time, Gates and his team at Microsoft began building computers that were smaller in size and had a variety of capabilities such as word processing, printing, and gaming. As the computers got smaller, so did the prices. Middle class Americans could now purchase a personal computer that would not put a set back in their bank account. As soon as personal computers started hitting the mainstream market, the demand for improvement began. People wanted their machines to boot up faster, have larger memory, have improved programming, and be easier to use. Luckily Gates already knew the people would have these needs, so development was already underway.

Once the ball started rolling, Gates realized that the technologies used in his computers, specifically the microprocessor, could be used in other items than a computer. For example, elevator controls, traffic lights, automobiles, heating and air conditioning systems, stereos, televisions, etc had now become more technologically advanced, saving manufacturers a great deal of money. As one can see, Bill Gates technologies were slowly evolving everything in our daily lives that at first we may not have realized. Gates allowed many things to occur more efficiently with less space and time required. This is important because the better the pace Americans run their lives, the better the whole American system runs.

Like the television changing vacuum bulb technology to liquid crystal display technology, Bill Gates knew that his company would not hold up if he did not constantly continue for improvement. As personal computers began to improve on technology, so did the users' knowledge. People were beginning to realize that computers were revolutionizing America; they could now organize, save, and print any home report or document. Think about a typewriter, if an error is made while one types, the only way to correct it was by using a special white out ribbon which corrected the error, though made the correction obvious and unprofessional. If copies were needed, one had to either type the paper again, or go to a Minute man Express to pay to have copies made. Correcting a paper on a computer is not only flawless, but full editing is available to make creating the perfect paper a breeze. Since you can save a document on a computer, one can always access a document to either print additional copies or go back and revise the paper again. All of these qualities make the computer user more intelligent on a reading and writing basis. Also once personal computers became more available in schools they brought about a much faster learning system. Gates quotes, "Improving education is the best investment we can make because downstream benefits flow to every part of society. That's why putting computers and the Internet to work in schools is an exhilarating prospect."(The road ahead, PG 74) It may not be all so obvious, but the evolution of computers was slowly changing the ways in which Americans operated at school and at work. One could access a teacher or business associate in live chat, or access various information on online encyclopedias and independent websites. Time and money was saved, and the American economy was improving. As Bill Gates and Microsoft became names known to American society, the company exploded into fame and fortune.

As Microsoft unveiled more technologies such as CD-ROM drives, better monitor resolution, and more programs, the company hit an even bigger gold mine known as the Internet. When the Internet was first introduced, it was strictly meant for the use of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I) for means of communication over long distances, and a faster form of sending and receiving documents. When the Internet finally went public, Gates created a computer interface that revolves completely around the Internet. Why did gates make this decision? Because he knew that in time the Internet was going to expand. Gates quotes, "The Internet is the precursor of the ultimate global network. There is little doubt that when the goal interactive network has finally evolved into the highway, it will still be called the Internet. But as quaint as the term "information highway" is beginning to sound, using it appropriately helps to draw the distinction between today's primarily narrowband interactive network (the current "Internet") and tomorrow's broadband interactive network (the "highway")." (The Road Ahead, Pg 103) Gates knew that just like the highway system in America, the Internet would grow in a way that would



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