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Better Home And Gardens And The Home Depot

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Better Home and Gardens and The Home Depot

In the current issue of Better Home and Gardens (BHG) magazine, published on October, 2004, there is an advertisement presenting how BHG and The Home Depot work together to provide new ideas and products. This is a win-win situation for both companies.

Once know as "Fruit, Garden and Home", the "Better Homes and Garden's magazine (BGH) was first published in 1922. This magazine has become a trusted friend for over 82 years for America's neighborhood. Better Homes and Gardens is one of the leading women's magazine which can be found in over 2 million homes. This magazine provides new ideas, techniques and simple ways to improve your life and home.

The Home Depot provides the supplies to assist with the new ideas, techniques and simple way to improve your life and home. The Home Depot was founded in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. During this time, the store contained 25,000 products; compared to today's store which carry 40,000 different home accessories and building supplies. In the beginning, the vision of the store was to be a warehouse full of products that sold to men and women, providing the best customer service. During the next five years The Home Depot placed stores in five different states, with Texas being one of them. Today the company has over 1,700 stores which are satisfying over 22,000,000 customers each week. These stores bring in approximately $64.8 billion dollars last, making it the leading home improvement store in the country.

Within these twenty four years of business, The Home Depot has place thousands of advertisements. Whether the ad was on TV or a magazine, the advertisements were always cover with orange. They choose the color because there first consult, who told them to paint there first sign on circus tents compared to the expensive electric lighted signs, therefore the color orange has stuck ever since. This bright orange can now be found on the side big trucks, commercial, and even the number 20 NASCAR, which is driven by Toney Stewart and is ranked number six.

The Home Depot has always been known for try to sell the ideal that home improvement is fun and easy. This message has been expressed by creating workshops to show children how to build a toy box; women to paint walls; and men how to fix the leaking sink. These workshops are done within



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