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Best Friends

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Best Friends

From a young age most people have grown up making friends and having that

best friend. Through out most peoples lives they will have friends and best friends. Is a

friend just a friend or do people have a relationship with friends which is differs from a

relationship with best friends?

There is a difference between the friendships which men and women have. Most

men while growing up have been conditioned to avoid openness to others. Since most

men are not as open to each other as women are to each other there friendships suffer and

do not develop or get close like women's friendships do. Men's relationships with friends

primarily revolve around activities, while women's revolve around closeness.

Friendship is something which is comfortable and relaxed. A friend is more of a

casual relationship than of one with your best friend. Casual friends are: someone you go

to school with, go to the coffee shop once a week, play golf with, go shopping, hand out

with on occasion. Friends are able to meet each others needs. Casual friendships with

time can also become best friends, just from talking and listening to each other. Friendship

requires loyalty and equality to continue.

Judith Viorst talks about friendships women have in "Friends, Good Friends-and

Such Good Friends" and a quote she writes which is relevant to the relationship people

have with



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