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Beowulfs Culture Compared To Society Today

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Essay Preview: Beowulfs Culture Compared To Society Today

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Despite numerous cultural and technological advancements, life in America today continues to resemble the Anglo-Saxon world. Although it may take time and some loss of pride to admit it, since characteristics of human nature have stayed the same in the work place as to personal relationships, the similarities between the two worlds are remarkable. A king or the modern-day boss chooses the best worker in the land through their experience in battle or a resume of previous employment. The king/boss provides rewards with ha share of his wealth/salaries with the warrior/employee promising in return to remain loyal and ready to die in battle for the greatesat challenge. If a battle is won or a deal is closed, an ideal lord/boss , whose greatest characteristics is generosity, will divid the treasure amoun his danes, or award a big bonus check to his employees.

There are many similarities in relationships today also. Corruption, greed, and jealousy exist today, as do courage, bravery and nobility. Actions in modern America are parallel to those seen in Beowulf because although times have changed, people have statyed the same. A struggle between good and evil existed then and will continu to exist for centuries to come. People in general are always in battle to see who can become the best or who can have the best of everything. Adults today strive for the best, not always putting things first in their lives that should be important. Everyone wants the best hom, car and jobs. They want to becom the hero that everyone can look at and be proud of. Beowulf also has similarities to a modern day hero such as a firefighter. Beowulf had to be brave to fight off a monster that was twice his size just as firefighters have to run into burning buildings and risk their lives. For them to tell a story of a journey or task which they have completed is though to be acceptable, but to boast and exaggerate accomplisments is frowned upon in today's society.



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