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Benchmark - Gospel Essentials

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Name Sean Worthington

Course CWV-101

Date 11/1/2018

Instructor Christian Wilder

Benchmark - Gospel Essentials

One-third of humanity living on this earth have one thing in common that structure the way they view the world and live their lives. Christianity is the largest followed religion and form of faith the world has today. Christians fear of the lord and live in the way he intended people to and love the lord. A worldview is made up of different components that structure and create the way people see the world. Just like other worldviews, a Christian worldview has many parts that come together to structure and create the view of the world, such as God, Humanity, Jesus Christ, and Restoration. Each of the components that are addressed from here on are the major components that come together and create a foundation and outline to the Christian worldview.  


God is the creator of the universe and all things in it. God has been since the beginning of time and has created the heavens and hell, the waters and land, and all forms of life. “He is not one god among the many. He is the one and only true God” (McConnell 2006, p.118). God himself is holy and pure, he is good, loving, and merciful, He is sovereign and rules over everything. There are many attributes of God some of which are communicable, and others are not. The incommunicable attributes belong to God and God only such as holiness and omniscience and no one else can have these attributes. Gods communicable attributes are attributes he intended to share with part of his creation, mankind, such as wisdom, love, hate, and speech. God created the world in seven days, and on the last day god created mankind all of which is a demonstration of God’s Wisdom. God’s creation, Heaven and Hell, light and dark, land and water, animals and mankind, were all created for a purpose and the purpose is a relationship with Humanity.    


When god created mankind, it was in his image and being created in his image he passed along some communicable attributes of himself. “First, humans are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-28). Second, after the fall of Adam and Eve into sin, all humans are sinful by nature (Genesis 6:5; Romans 3:9-23).” (Diffy, 2015, para. 10) When God created man in his image it gave man some understanding of Gods design and plan. One of the attributes that was shared with humans was the ability to reason and reflect on their own nature. God created mankind for relationship so human nature is to obey Gods will and follow his plan. When Eve ate the apple, God had forbidden to be eaten it also tainted the ground with sin, so sin has ultimately been hand in hand with human nature. Man was given free will and though and with that comes sin and the breaking of the relationship with God. Humanity’s purpose is to have a relationship with God and live in the way God would. Humanity is mending the broken relationship with God by living in fear of his punishments and live in the way God intended mankind to.  


When looking at who Jesus Christ is the first thing that comes to mind is the son of God. Jesus Christ was much more than just the son of God, he was the rebirth of faith in humanity and faith in God. In the Trinity, Jesus Christ is the Son which means that he himself is God in the form of man. Jesus Christ spread the word and lived out the way of God by teaching the Kingdom of God, the forgiveness of sin, and humility and servanthood. “The vision of Jesus as the Christ is our window into God, and as such it is one of many windows available through which to gain a vision of God” (Thangarai, 2017 p.45). He forgave the sins of people at the price of his own sacrifices which costed him his life. Jesus gave his life and suffered on the cross to give humanity a way to be united with God. The work Jesus Christ did was to unite people, or Christians, with God in a relationship through him and who ever believed in him would not perish.


The crucifixion of Jesus Christ began the solution to human problems by having humanities sins forgiven. In the a Christian worldview, Jesus Christ is the only answer to human problems. Following the word of God closely, living in the way Jesus would live, and acting in the way he would act is what people must continue to do is also a solution to human problems. People must have faith and grace in order to have salvation.” The phrase "in Christ" is very common in the New Testament and crucial to understanding the gospel. To be "in Christ" means to place your "hope in Christ" (Eph. 1:12), or in other words, making Christ the object of your faith” (Wilder, 2018). Having faith in Christ means that there is nothing you can do to guarantee salvation but to know that God has a specific outline and plan even if it does not show. The transformation of self and society happens through the grace of God. When an individual is saved they grow and become a better person for themselves and in society.  


Christianity is not the most followed religion in the world for no apparent reason. Throughout the years Christianity has been able to provide a source of hope and motivation for people. Christianity is an outline to how to live life and teaches people ethics, problem solving and history. The Christian religion has many strengths and one of the biggest strengths is the number of people God has helped and how many people have given themselves to God. Hope is another strength that can be placed in different areas of life. Christianity gives hope to people in bad situations or who want to better themselves by changing our thoughts and the things that we do. The religion of Christianity provides many strengths on making people’s lives better and ways to live out their lives in the most truthful and honest way, but with all strengths come weaknesses.



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