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Being Human Is Not Just About Genetics.

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Essay Preview: Being Human Is Not Just About Genetics.

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Being human is not just about genetics. What about behaviors? When do you draw the line between being human and when our animal-like instincts kick in? Part of being human is making mistakes. Choosing your path and deciding what you learn from the things you do. Another part of being human is emotion. To see something in humane and to know that what you are seeing is in fact in humane. To feel the excitement and joy of getting a dog on Christmas Day or the pain of your first heartbreak. And yet through all of this we are still animals, some more than others. But when do you reach the point where someone’s animalistic urges make them more animal than human? Do you cut the line they start killing people or would you even go as far as to draw the line when they hit cannibalism? I believe the line should be drawn when emotion is lost. If they can kill or even just hurt someone without seeing the wrong in it or feeling any emotion then you will have lost your humanity. While technically speaking you would still be human, at that point I believe you have reverted back to your ancestral ways as an animal too much to still be considered human. You can kill someone but feel the regret and the burden after it which is natural as a human. If you can do it and feel no remorse that is when the line needs to be drawn and you should no longer be considered human.



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