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Being And Nothingness Analysis Entry

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"Furthermore this absolute responsibility is not resignation; it is simply the logical requirement of the consequences of our freedom. What happens to me happens through me, and I can neither affect myself with it nor revolt against it nor resign myself to it."

- Jean-Paul Sartre, page 2104

Upon reading Sartre's literary work, Being and Nothingness, one can come to a conclusion that his effort is simply based around the theory that we are all "condemned to be free." With this said, it is obvious that I seriously do believe in this aspect of Sartre's speculation. Furthermore, this sense of being "free" attaches itself, to oneself, and becomes what Sartre considered "a burden of our total responsibility." I feel that these opinions put forth by the French author show pertinent points- and are proved by the ways that we live today. I say this because, we live for ourselves. What we do pertains to "us" (our total responsibility), in which is caused by our 'want' of freedoms.

Sartre than discusses how "we cannot resign" from our responsibility, simply because in the first place, our wanted 'freedom' is what created this burden. We are now serving ourselves' toward this burden, because we want our independence. With this sense of freedom brought forth we still decide to conjure our own routes. We choose what we want, and what we don't want. Sartre claims in the above quote, that "what happens to me happens through me". Now I feel that as humans of this "universe, without laws or meanings," we attempt to provide ourselves with positive reinforcements and through this we create our own demise's.



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