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Rosales, V. (2007). The transfer of Beckham is transcendental. In Fox Sports. Retrieved March 15, 2007, from

This article published in a WEB PAGE shows a useful information about the new law, that was established a few months ago, also this article let us know the actions that the MLS (Major League Soccer), had to do before bring David Beckham to United States. In general the new exposed the good things and the advantages of this low. The article was published in an important web page like FOX SPORTS, so we can consider that this new is credible.

§ The commissioner of Professional Major League Soccer (MLS) American, Don Garber, described as "transcendental" the draftee of the English David Beckham by the Galaxy of Los Angeles. (2007 para. 1)

§ David Beckham is a global icon within the world of the sport and will extend in the soccer of the United States. (2007 para. 1)

§ "Its decision to follow its historical race in the MLS means that our country has become authentic "a nation of soccer" (2007 para. 3)

§ "David Beckham is truly the unique one who can construct a "bridge" between soccer in the United States and the rest of the world", she affirmed Leiweke in an official notice. (2007 para. 2)

§ "Beckham will have an impact in the greater soccer of the United States of the one than it has never had any athlete in a sport at global level", affirmed Leiweke. (2007 para. 5)

§ The AEG president also remembered all the commercial projection and of image sale and products that can obtain their company through world with the draftee of Beckham. (2007 para. 6)

Christensen, K. (2007). Beckham comes to America. In Toronto Star. Retrieved March 14, 2007, from Http:/

This article is showed in a newspaper and tells us some news and information about the plans that David Beckham and his wife have in the United States. Basically this article studies the differences between that this special transfer and the rest of them; one of the points is that nobody cares about where is the player going to live or what is he going to eat and some other things that makes this transfer special. Also it shows a interesting analysis of why is he coming to Los Angeles Galaxy team and he didn't go to other clubs that have more fans.

§ The most recognized soccer player on the planet -- fashion icon, tabloid fixture, and marketing giant -- agreed to a five-year deal Thursday to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

§ Bringing free kicks, glitz and his Spice Girl wife, Beckham is leading another British invasion, hoping to do for American soccer what the Beatles once did for pop music -- make it rock.

§ "There are so many great sports in America," the 31-year-old former England captain said. "There are so many kids that play baseball, American football, basketball. "But soccer is huge all around the world apart from America, so that's where I want to make a difference with the kids."

§ Beckham turned down a two-year contract extension from Spanish team Real Madrid, where his fading skills left him on the bench. He'll start for the Galaxy -- where he'll be coached by Canadian Frank Yallop and play alongside Halifax fullback Ante Jazic.

§ The Galaxy didn't say exactly what they'll pay him, but floated a figure of $250 million (U.S.) in salary and commercial endorsements over the five years of his contract. In other words, his move could be worth $1 million a week.

§ Beckham's soccer skills are only part of the equation. He's David Beckham Inc., a multi-national corporation with links to Pepsi, Gillette, Motorola and Adidas.

Bell, J. (2007, January 11). David Beckham Is Comino To America. New York Times. Retrieved March 13, 2007, from

This article has been published in the prestigious "New York Times" therefore we can consider this like a very believable source that is going to help us to understand what David Beckham thinks about this, also the article has some declarations of David Beckham talking about the reasons of why he is going to play in America and his goals for this new period of his life.

§ "This week, Real Madrid asked me to make a decision regarding my future and the offer to extend my contract a further two seasons," he said. "After discussing several options with my family and advisers to either stay here at Madrid or join other major British and European clubs, I have decided to join the Los Angeles Galaxy and play in the M.L.S. from August this year."

§ Up until last November, M.L.S. tightly controlled player salaries under its single-entity system, in which the league owned all player contracts and a team's salary budget could not exceed about $2 million a year, with only a few exceptions. The league's board of governors voted to relax that restriction and allow each team to sign one player for any amount, of which the league would pay only the first $400,000.

§ They called it the designated player rule, but to soccer fans in the United States it has been referred to as the "Beckham Rule" since Day 1.

§ In addition, Beckham last summer launched a soccer academy in Los Angeles. He is a long-time spokesman for Adidas, the German sporting goods company that is about to begin the second year of a 10-year sponsorship agreement with M.L.S.

§ "I am proud to have played for two of the biggest clubs in football and I look forward to the new challenge of growing the world's most popular game in a county that is as passionate about its sport as my own," Beckham said in a statement.

Ð'lvarez, O. M. (2007). Beckham in Los Angeles, the public of the public relations. In El Blog Salmуn. Retrieved March 13, 2007, from

The article published in "El Blog Salmon Newspaper" from Spain is one of the most important resources for my research paper because it tells you who is handling the process. Also it gives you an explanation of why this guy is taking David Beckham to play in America. I think this is important information because it not showed too often and is really difficult



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