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Beat Down: Fists Of Vengeance Review

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Essay Preview: Beat Down: Fists Of Vengeance Review

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Making a game that has some sort of RPG style was a neat idea... just not good enough.

Dude, when you think about the possibilites of this game, you get worked up thinking that this could be one of the best games ever. however, once you unload the "grace" of this game into your system you ask yourself "why in my right mind did i ever buy this game?". Yes folks, this game could've been a lot of things, and it is a lot more things, but one thing that it is certainly not... is a good game.

let's get down to it, shall we?

Gameplay: at the beginning you start to play it and think it'll get better, but to our surprise... it does not. you are stuck with one punch, one kick, and special that doesn't work in one on one matches and a block button that most of the time gets you more beat up than if you were just letting them beat you to a bloody pulp. *sigh* really, they could've made a better game, or a better story.

Graphics and sound: the graphics were sort of decent. no flamboyant lights or anything, darks colors and a really badly designed map but hey, you know that no actual adult is going to buy this game. it's just going to be some 10 to 16 years old that's going to buy it for some idiotic reason. and they will be disappointed and will be asking the clerk at the game shop "why did you let me buy this game? WHY?". to the sound part... the voices were so badly done that there is no point in pointing out the rest of the game's sound. it was repetitive, you could fight all night long hoping for a different phrase but no. a bad voice can kill a game in a second. really, it can.

Value: i don't know what to put in here, i mean i don't know how much it cost when it first came out but i got for less than 15 bucks, so i guess i didn't have it that bad.

Closing comments... it's a game



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