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Battle Of Stalingrad

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The Battle of Stalingrad

This battle dictated who became a super power in the world. Germany, which was at an all time high, rolling over countries decided to test its luck against another super power, The Soviet Union. Stalingrad was a rich country in technology and was the center of communications in the North. Germany wanted to take this city to make it easier to control the whole western front of the Soviet Union.

This war was considered the turning point of WWII. Initially, the Blitzkrieg was successful and the Germans took an early lead in the war. The Russian's resistance had crumbled badly under the impact of the Blitzkrieg. If Stalingrad were to fall to German forces, the gateway to Moscow would be opened and the fall of the Soviet Union would basically be inevitable. Once the Germans advanced to the city combat changed. Soldiers were fighting hand to hand, unorganized and street fights. Soviets had to make a stand, General Zhukov gathered six armies and surrounded Stalingrad and the German Soldiers. "NOT A STEP BACK," orders from Joseph Stalin.

The Soviets waited patiently for the winter to come. When it did German soldiers had already used all their resources and food. Most died either freezing or starving to death. As soon as the Soviets realized the Germans were getting weak, they came up with a plan. At that point the Germans had no choice but to surrender, it was virtually impossible for the Germans to win. Although Hitler ordered General Pualus not to surrender under any circumstances, it was his only way of surviving.

Conditions were horrible and men were dying non-stop. The average life expectancy of a Soviet soldier was about 21 hours. One million soldiers were brought to Stalingrad and one gun was handed out per every two men. I was horrified when I saw the map. We're quite alone, without any help from outside. Hitler has left us in the lurch.



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