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Battle Of Saratoga

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September 11, 2003

The Battle of Saratoga - 1777

After the Battle of Trenton, King James thought his generals were horrible. In result, he demoted General Howe and appointed Burgoyne. Burgoyne, a former actor came up with the plan of a three-prong attack. This meant that he would attack three places at the same time. He felt that the revolutionary war was fueled by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The plan was for St. Leger to lead Lake Ontario, east to the Hudson, Burgoyne to lead Lake Champlain to the Hudson, and Howe to lead from the sea to the Hudson. This plan failed because only Burgoyne showed up and followed through. Howe never made it up the Hudson because Washington kept attacking him to slow him down. And St. Leger didn't make it to New York because of the Indians, famine, and cold.

When Burgoyne arrived at Lake Burgoyne, he built boats from the trees in the surrounding area. Benedict Arnold was also building boats at the same time. When Burgoyne started sailing down Lake Champlain, he ran into Arnold. Benedict Arnold was one of the greatest generals in the Revolutionary War. They violently fought on the ships with sabers. The hot irons on the back of the ship were for cauterizing the wounded. Burgoyne won the first part of the battle because he had more men.

While Burgoyne wintered in New York, the American forces had much time to prepare. In the spring, Burgoyne was ambushed by the American forces who were led by General Gates. Even though Arnold was hurt, he should have gotten the credit for the Battle of Saratoga instead of Gates.

In result of this, Arnold quit and switched to the English side. This was the only time in history that a general ever switched mid-war to the other side. Ultimately, we won the battle. This battle



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