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Bata Porter Analyis

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Most of the customers have a lot of complaints regarding BATA even after BATA having such a good brand name and reasonable price. The main complaint raised by the customers are regarding the quality of the brand .Most of them have experienced that BATA is not good for everyday use ,if used then it wont last much long.There are certain severe complaints from the customers regarding the lack of varieties being provided by BATA.Now a days the irresponsive customer service is being a hallmark for BATA.

Even the premium and leading brand of BATA -HUSH PUPPIES dint even meet the expectations of the customers .After use ,most of the customers had raised  complaint stating that local brands are even much better than BATA when it comes to quality. Many of the customers had raised complaints on the leather quality of BATA .Durability and cheap quality issue have degraded BATA ‘s brand value .Customers were almost satisfied with BATA in the case of their sandals. The complaints are more regarding their shoes quality as most of the customers had shared their experience stating that none of BATA’s shoes have lasted more than one year where as sandals lasted for almost 2 years.

In Singapore mostly BATA is mostly preferred by kids during their school time.In Singapore BATA brand itself is considered as use and throw brand.

Very few customers have a good opinion regarding BATA brand.The reviews shared were regarding the following points :

  • Right fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Different sizes and colors can be obtained for the same product
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Convenient to find out BATA shops (as BATA have more branches)

Even though BATA have a degrading image in Singapore certain other countries BATA is considered as one of the top brands eg :INDIA

Suggestions from customers to improve the brand

  • Good customer service is essential
  • Wide varieties are needed
  • More durability and quality expected
  • Customers are ready to pay more if quality is good
  • Quality of Leather need to be improved



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