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Barn Burning

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The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins, gives the reader a mixed attitude. She shows the readers how abusive relationships are. In the story John was very demanding toward his wife. At one point of the story his wife makes the comment that she is growing afraid of John. To me John is your typical old fashion husband which simply means that the women are second to men. The women should do everything and whenever the man wants her to.

The example of why marriages do not last is simply the way John is. Look at how John treated his wife. He would not let her do anything unless he said so. He was a very demanding man. His wife had no say so in their relationship. I understand she is sick, but sticking your wife in a room and not letting her out to me is a very harsh way of trying to get your partner better. He told her when to eat and what time to go to sleep. John even made her take a nap after every meal.

The room that John put her in to me was doing nothing but hurting her. She was getting very weird and delusional staying in that room. If this would have happened now, she would be what we call "insane". She kept telling herself that the wallpaper kept moving and that there was a woman figure in the paper. She was very delusional.

At the end of the of the story Johns partner becomes insane. She starts ripping down the wallpaper and she locks herself in the room. John trys everything he can to get into the room but she has the door locked. His partner was determined to prove to herself that there was a women behind the wallpaper. This lady was most definitely

a nut.



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