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Banned Book Essay

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The book Deal With It is a nonfiction book about a whole new approach dealing

your life as a girl. It's a resource that can help you deal with most things in life such as

your body, feelings, and even changing your relationship with some people. "This book

is for anyone who needs to know what it means to be a girl-from those in their teens to

those who are the way past the, but still reeling from trauma."Quoted by Esther Drill.

The book doesn't tell you what to do because it wants you to decide stuff on your own.

"It addresses virtually everything a going woman might want to know about herself, and

herself relation to others". Says THE NEW YORK TIMES. If you are too embarrassed or

shy to ask someone a personal question this book will definitely help you. Illustrations in

this book brings out humor even in scary situations. This book can make you realize

that you are not the only one going through the worst. This book is positive, informative,

and humorous book.

This book does not contain any protagonist,antagonist, or any important

characters. This book is more of an informational resource. There is information on

your body, feelings, and changing your relationships with some people. Girls from

any age can relate or learn from this book. This book can be a useful resource to girls in

adulthood or approaching in. This book contains chapters of the subjects such as body,

sexuality, brain, and life. This book even contains where you can get even more

information on what the book gives you.

Deal With It can be called "censored" because of the illustrations and things the

book has information has on. Things that can be censored in this book can be the

chapter sexuality. It explains sex, condoms, and getting pregnant. Some parents may

take this personal, and not want their kids to read it. The illustrations include nudity,

drugs, sex positions. The book was thought to be as if it was educating young girls

about their own biology is obscene. "I don't want my daughter to grow up in the dark"

Said Christi Craig. "It's amazing how a woman's own body image is so strongly shaped

by outside influences, and how often those influxes are misinterpreted as appropriate or




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