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Bad Times

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It's nine o'clock at night and I am sitting here at the kitchen table pondering. What the hell happened today and what was I thinking? My mom always said I had trouble with authority, but I had never been in any real trouble. Why did I make such a poor decision this afternoon?

It's eight o'clock in the morning, and I had awaken to my door being slammed open and my mother scolding me about not cleaning the garage and not taken out the trash. That was definitely not the first thing I wanted to hear in the morning. I replied back, shut the door and shut up, I'm sleeping. That's where the trouble had begun. We had argued a little so I finally decided to get out of bed. After a few hours of on-an-off arguing, my mother got so angry she told me to pack my bags and find a new place to live, I responded, good, screw living in this hellhole, I'm out. So I packed my bags, but I was not old enough to drive a car so I had to strap up my dirt bike. While I was preparing to depart I noticed my mother leaving, because the whole experience was very upsetting to her. I thought, why not swig a few shots of rum before I head out, it will make me feel better. Now that I had a little to drink and I feel good it's time to head out.

Now I'm driving down the road to my friends' house finally feeling good, heading out on my own. I approached a stop sign and decided to roll through it, as soon as I did I notice a police officer about a quarter mile to my right and he accelerated quickly with his sirens towards me. Normally I would pull over immediately, but I had been drinking and I had an open bottle in my back pack. All I needed was to make it two miles to the entrance of the woods, where all the trails were. So I decided to run for it! I was going about seventy through a residential neighborhood swerving around corners, cars, and running stop signs. As I approached US1 I turned around and the officer was close behind me. I jetted across US1 and while I was doing that a cop who was at a near by gas station sprinted out after me to join the pursuit. God dam it! Only one mile to the entrance to the woods and there is no turning back. I flew into Point Ciana Gardens and accelerated around the corner approaching the woods. Now, as I complete the turn



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