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Background Sheet

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South Africa Block 1


1. Absolute location: 30.0 degrees South, 25.0 Degrees East

Give the latitude and longitude for one of the cities in the country: Colesberg is 32 Degrees South Latitude, and 24 Degrees East Longitude

Relative location: Botswana

a. Describe the relative location of the country in relation to the continents: Southern Tip

Explain why this location is important: Southern tip connecting point to the Indian ocean and effect on climate

c. Name the two hemispheres of this country: Southern and Eastern Hemisphere

d. Describe the distance and direction of other places to this country: From Cape Town to Molepolole it is 803 miles North East.


Describe how the people have used the resources of this country: gold for jewelry and computer parts, diamond cutting blades, and copper grounding for electricity.

Describe how the people have adapted to the environment: Made Wildlife Reserve to keep the people and the animals safe.

Describe at least one positive impact humans have had on the environment: Wildlife Reserve

Describe at least one negative impact humans have had on the environment: Pollution of rivers from agricultural runoff and urban discharge.


List the kinds of earth, air, and water transportation used.

What kind of transportation is used most and how does that use compare with the United States?

What kinds of resources are exported?

What kinds of products are exported?

What kinds of resources are imported?

What kinds of products are imported?

What kinds of human migration patterns have happened in the past or are happening now?

What types of animal migration take place?

In what ways are ideas and information communicated here?


Identify by name at least one landform region.

Identify by name all of the climate regions in the country.

In what culture region is this country found?

Identify the metropolitan areas.

What is the number of states, districts, provinces, etc. within the country?

Is the country a member of the United Nations?

To what other alliances or groups does the country belong?

Identify any other formal, functional, or perceptual region of the country.


Physical (Natural) Characteristics

Identify several different landforms by name: Vaal River, Orange River, and Drakensberg Mountains

Identify several different bodies of water by name: Indian Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean

What are the characteristics of the climate region or regions: Mostly semiarid, Subtropical along the east coast, sunny days, cool nights

Identify the important minerals: Gold, Diamonds, and Platinum

What type or types of soil dominate: Organic, Humic, vertic, MELANIC OR OTHIC

Identify the natural vegetation: Savannah

What are the animals native (indigenous) to the country: Loins, Baboons, Goats, Emus, etc.

Human Characteristics

Capital city: Pretoria

Total population: 48,601,098

Describe the population distribution within the country: Most people live on the coast



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