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Aztecs: The Great Civilization

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Throughout history many people have formed together to create civilizations. Some civilizations were quickly eliminated. Others lasted for centuries. Three prime examples of long lasting civilizations were the Aztec, Maya, and Inca Empires. All existed in Central and South America. All thrived, which resulted in advancements in many fields that were equal, and often better than those made in Europe. All three could be called great civilizations. This raises the question, what makes a civilization great? Along with the question of which civilization was the greatest.

The single most important measurement of how great a civilization is how content its people are. If the members of the civilization are not content the civilization will not flourish economically, culturally, or otherwise. Happiness, or the desire to have happiness, is the main cause of the creation, and longevity of great civilizations. When the majority of the people in a civilization are content they are more productive and more law-abiding. When a vast majority of the population is content more innovations and more improvements come from that civilization.

If there is unrest in a nation it is impossible for that nation to prosper. An unhappy civilization simply will not last. When people are unhappy, they are unproductive, unruly, and constantly questioning their leaders. This can lead to a coup, a total collapse, or an invasion by another civilization.

The Aztec, Maya, Inca Empire all obviously had content peoples. They all were successful, thriving civilizations. Of the three civilizations it is debatable which was the greatest. However, in this writer's opinion the Aztec Empire was the greatest of the three because their people were the most content.

The Maya and Inca had admirable achievements. The Maya excelled in Math and had a very accurate calendar. The Inca had a system of assembly line type trade routes and were very wealthy. However, this cannot compare to the great accomplishments of the Aztec Empire.

The Aztec Empire existed for hundreds of years. The Aztecs built gigantic temples with superior architectural design. Some of the original pieces of the Aztec's grandest temple, The Temple of the Sun, is still standing in Mexico City. The



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