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Award Winning Equestrian Rider

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Award Winning Equestrian Rider

I should win an award for equestrian riding because I take lessons, train hard and I compete. I’ve only dreamed of wanting to win an award. I have the strength, will power and determination to reach this dream. The Pounding of the horses hoofs beating against the ground. Listening to the sound of cheering fans watching you compete. I enter the ring as I begin to take you on a journey.

Since I was a young girl I had a passion for horses. I grew to love them and cherish them the way they should be. I started taking riding lessons at a young age, taken interest in show jumping. I progressed through the years as it became more realistic to me, I realized I was a “natural rider” which is what most people envy and wished they had. Knowlton Ridge Equestrian Center is where I now have my riding lessons. Anastasia is my coach as well as an advanced riding instructor here at their facilities. I attend once a week to my lesson which only last an hour. Every time I ride, I try my hardest and best that I can.

In the pleasure of riding comes hard work and determination. There is a lot of technique involved in equestrian riding. It’s not the easiest thing out there. I take a lot of pride in what I do. Staying focused is a great skill to have as you earn it too. This skill will take you far in the horse riding world. Keeping in shape, exercising and eating healthy all contribute in ways of training. With having activities like this in your life, I find it keeps you mentally, emotionally and energetically inclined. Just like life itself, lots of decision making.

My favorite thing to do is going to horse shows to compete against other horse enthusiasts. I love to win ribbons, cash, metals, certificates and awards! You need to also be able to cope with losing or winning situations of the events you enter. I however, never was in that position before



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