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Aviation Security

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Essay Preview: Aviation Security

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Case Analysis- Aviation Security

Tennyson Francis


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide

Case Analysis: Aviation Security

        Transportation Security Administration plays an important role in the aviation security. Aviation cannot operate without security since any unsecure flight ended up in disasters. After September 11, 2001 government started TSA operations for all airport security. When traffic flow increases security becomes tight. Government workforce has not been very efficient in doing a proper screening sometimes because of the flexibility. Chris Edwards sates that, After more than a decade of experience, it is clear that the creation of TSA and the federal takeover of airport screening was a mistake. Auditors have found that TSA's screening performance has been no better, and possibly worse, than private screening (2013).  Even though TSA prioritize aviation security the organization also secure the rail, road and pipeline transports. Why to have to much workload when its easy to handover some of the area to private sector.

        When wait time lengthens people will experience chaos which is not a good situation at a security gate. This situation of chaos might end up in skipping security protocols.  Sam Harnett states, When long lines hit earlier this summer, some other airports started looking into following suit. There was buzz in the media about how airports might start ditching the Transportation Security Administration to try and improve security wait times (2016).

        If cost efficiency is the matter for the government, they should try to changeover security to private contracting companies since these companies always being cost effective. Privatizing security will still be under control of TSA, just helping them to monitor rather than being there to do it. An example for this is the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). This airport remains being privatized in passenger and baggage screening and many airports are looking at this as a changeover factor. The security at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) looks like it does at any other airport in the country. There are the little gray tubs on the rollers, the ticket checkers, the body scanners. But there is one hard-to-detect difference. The people working there are employed by a private contractor instead of the federal government said Harnett in the article “The pros and cons of privatizing airport security” (2016). Many other countries in Europe have established and carrying on the screening provided by private contracting companies and doing a fantastic job at this.



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