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Autobiography in Mathematics

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                The first common words that comes to our mind when we heard mathematics is that it is all about numbers, shapes, counting’s etc. But for me, mathematics is about problem solving from the word itself. You asked me why? Because when I study mathematics it gave me a hard time and leads me to misunderstanding of mathematics situations. It’s just like the life of people, we encounter different problems but we have to give it a solution.

                I’ll share to all of you about my past experiences on mathematics. When I was elementary I felt so annoyed with mathematics because of long computations for division but I like kind of math are multiplication, subtraction and addition except division. One time, our teacher gave us a surprise recitation and I’ve got to answer the most hated solution of division. I almost freaked out, when I am done answering, my classmate laughed because my answer is wrong I’m so embarrassing that time. Right after that situation happened, I am not raising my hand to answer, unless I was call my name by my teacher. Then, when I stepped on high school I get interested in mathematics which is very different. Maybe, I was guided carefully by my teacher in mathematics and being entertain when I’m asking a questions. Every time of mathematics I sat on the front, I felt so excited. Not to take this all as a compliment for myself, but I always participate and compete with my classmate as if I am so good and I feel that is the proudest moment when I’m high school that is being active all the time of mathematics subject. I realized that, I really love mathematics. But when I got college, I want to be a mathematics teacher but I am not qualified grades for the standard of BatStateU Main I, so I have no choice to take Computer Programming and Engineering Technology (CPET) in BatStateU Balayan Campus. When I enrolled my subjects, all of it are not familiar to me but I feel interested again because some off was related in mathematics. Start of classes, subjects explained to us sadly reality hits me that mathematics is really hard. But I challenge myself to understand Physics and Calculus it’s really hard for me but I need to survive this. But in a fast few months I feel I’ am not successful, I ’am not interested to listening my Instructor, because his/her lesson did not  understand even what his/her doing explained to understand for us but I didn’t improve and I feel so lost. And I really want to be active again like before but I fail. My heart is says I want physics and calculus but my whole self aren’t doing anything to work with those two. People said, “There is no permanent in this world” then I realize that I was once love mathematics but it will never be forever I will like it. I’m so disappoint happened in this year because my favorite subject was not successful.



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