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Articles Of Confederation Vs Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation were not effective; therefore it was necessary to adopt the Constitution as the law of the land. George Washington played an important role in adopting the Constitution. The Constitution has had a significant effect on the fiscal, political, economic and diplomatic areas of American life.

False. As the first written constitution of the United States, the Articles of Confederation created a legislature where each state was represented equally. The Congress took control of foreign partnerships the authority to form alliances and make treaties, to declare war, declare peace, sustain a military, print currency, establish a postal service create courts and settle disputes between states. Thus the power given to Congress gave it permission to operate with moderate control over the states. Another plus was that the Articles made provisions to allow equal voting in Congress for each state and the understanding that most decisions were to be made by majority vote. However, the states despised even "moderate" government involvement in their affairs and especially with government taxation. This was a major cause of inflation, which ultimately consumed the nation. The articles also did not give the government the power to enforce laws thus relying on the voluntary compliance by the states. But in order to change the Articles all of the representatives had to be in agreement. The negations of the Articles soon grew more evident and although some states did not want things to change it became evident that change was needed and inevitable.

This statement makes the answer False. "George Washington played an important role in adopting the Constitution". After the Revolutionary War Washington retired to his home in Mount Vernon in Vermont where he avoided involvement in Virginia's politics. He rathered place his time and energy into restoring where he resided. He added a mill, icehouse, and added new land to the estate. He also dealt in crops bred dogs and horses and traveled west to examine land holdings near the Ohio River. Although in May of 1787 he headed to the Virginia Delegation to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Though while there he made



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