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Article Analysis

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What is so important about Genetically Modified (GM) food? Does it have any negative impact on the human body? Will it be profitable if GM food becomes globalized? According to this research article, “75% of processed foods in the US contain some genetically modified ingredients.” Moreover, “60% believed that they had not eaten GM foods during 2006.” (Social Technologies) This is a misconception of the hypothesis. Because of everyone limited understanding of GM food, the concept itself causes fear and public concerns. Therefore, the null hypothesis of this article is 60% believed that they had not eaten GM foods during 2006. The alternative hypothesis of this article is proven that 75% of processed foods in the US contain some genetically modified ingredients. This research will illustrate whether genetic modified food is integrated into the food system and determine if the null hypothesis should be rejected or accepted.

From an agricultural business standpoint, to be a commercial success in its supplying products, plants and vegetables need to be mass produce. The increased number of consumer will likely cause an increase in product demand which consequently causes price to rise and the depletion of resources. As a result of the supply and demand law, “Engineered agriculture uses the tools of biotechnology to analyze and manipulate plant DNA to create varieties with new or enhanced characteristics.” (Social Technologies) However, these developed crops cause “public and regulatory resistance to new forms of engineered agriculture and a roadblock for the deployment of the more exotic applications of engineered agriculture that will emerge in the future.” (Social and Technologies)

For recent development, gene deletion is one of the methods that researchers used to guarantee the safety of GM crops. In general, the “genetic modification of plants allows GM traits to be eliminated before the plant matures”. (Social and Technologies) In simpler terms, gene deletion has a neat feature



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