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Artemis Fowl

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Artemis Fowl is 12 year old genius who decides to kidnap a fairy to restore his family fortune. He does this by stealing the book of fairy laws which every fairy carries. He finds a weak fairy that has lost her magic and has many years of alcohol poisoning and he makes a deal with her to borrow the book for 30 minutes. In this time he takes digital pictures of every page of the book. He decodes the book and learns all the fairy laws and how they obtain magic. Later in the book he uses this knowledge to help him capture Captain Holly Short.

Holly Short is a female fairy that just happens to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. She is a LEP officer which is the same as a police officer. When she is running low on magic she has to perform a ritual which includes planting a acorn from an ancient oak tree. She doesn't have time to do this before a troll escapes to the earths surface and she has to capture it. While trying to capture the troll she is seen by humans and has to call in reinforcements to perform mind sweeps. When this takes place Commander Root discovers that Holly had not performed the ritual and was running low on magic. He orders her to perform the ritual before she does any thing else. When she is performing the ritual she is kidnapped by Artemis Fowl and his henchman, Butler.

When Holly recovers she finds herself in a room with concrete walls and a metal bed. A human staring at her with amazement and that she has none of her equipment to help her escape. When all this happened Commander Root was told that Holly was missing in action. They find her by reviewing her helmet camera. When they go to the house of Artemis Fowl they are not permitted to go in because of fairy laws which prohibit any fairy from entering a home without an invitation. When they discover this Commander Root decides to negotiate with the kidnappers. When Root negotiates with Artemis he finds out that Artemis wants one ton of 24 karat gold. While this



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