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Art of Living

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Give an example of someone you’ve tried to influence lately. Was it an upward, downward, or lateral influence attempt? Were you successful? Why or why not? What could you have done to change the outcome? Explain? Next, give an example of a time when your behavior was influenced? What were your influencing factors?        

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Are you influenced by one? Leaders have huge responsibility in getting people to tackle the challenges that present themselves in the least expected circumstances. They not only inspire others, but also help them with unlocking their (often hidden within) potential and work towards finding a greater purpose. Leadership is influence and means consistency. Any leader should posses the following skills to lead with purpose: L loyalty and listening abilities E engagement and high energy A accountability and assertiveness D dependability and decision making abilities E empathy and empowerment R resourcefulness and respect S support and selflessness H humble and honest I inspirational and invested P personable, persistent and most importantly; patient Leadership is responsibility taken and mentoring given. Tagging few leaders who not only always show transparency and control their emotions, but also inspire others & are consistent at bringing value and promoting growth: Who is your leader? Tag them below to give them recognition they deserve. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 LoveTheLifeYouAreLiving


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Three months ago, a young man reached out to me on LinkedIn saying he wanted help to get a JOB. He said he has been unemployed for 5 months, had tried everything but was just desperate now. I told him keep going, his efforts would one day bear fruit. I introduced him to a number of recruiters in my network and put him on to a professional resume writer. Last Thursday, he messaged me beyond excited, saying he finally got a job. LinkedIn is about networking. If you can’t help someone, then direct them to someone who can, or just give them a word of encouragement. It may seem simple but to that person it may mean the world to them. Isn't this what LinkedIn and true networking about? Let's help and encourage each other, for the journey is not an easy one. I was motivated to share this story thanks to Bridget, who has influenced many on LinkedIn.


I am glad I got rejected for all the Interviews in past 3 Years. I applied for more than 300-400 jobs, went through good 8-10 interviews. Every time I got done with an interview, I prayed to all my gods to help me get that job but I ended up with a broken heart and a sleepless night again. The race was never easy knowing the fact that I lack in relevant experience and the market isn't great for freshers. But I always knew " Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy" so I kept trying with the smile on face even though the stack to debts was getting heavier as each day passed by. After almost 10 months of struggle, I got the Job I dreamt of. I finally found people who believed in me and I can't be happier enough. Now it all makes sense because I was never made for the jobs I got rejected from. During all that time of helplessness, The only thing I was carrying with me was hope and an optimistic mindset. I know there are many more around who are looking for the right opportunity so all I want to say is don't let your hope die and keep trying(and learning) until you get it. Even the darkest night ends with a beautiful light. -Cheers

If you have a Passion, no one can stop you. For me Passion, Compassion and patience are always a key to success, it covers all succession factors. Candidate success-Happiness are my passion & achievement. Hitesh Mashakhetri- We have interacted when he started his career and I started working in my dream company….GE :) When he applied first time for vacancy, we talked to each other and I really like his passion and his dedication, his dream company was GE. Sometime his application was not shortlisted because of less experience and also I guided him how to improve more technically and how to become more versatile, he took my suggestion seriously and I have told him to have a patience and prepare himself, though he is in electrical side but I have asked him to focus on Mechanical side of loco too,Today he is a part of GE and I am happy to see him happy, finally he achieved his dream. Also, what I really liked about him that he never blamed to any HR professional about his rejection and I strongly believe that we all must maintain a good professional relations with everyone. Congratulation Hitesh Mashakhetri and we are proud on you. Welcome on board at GE Loco-Make in India Initiative



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