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What is your understanding of the word "happiness," and how does it compare to Aristotle's?

According to Aristotle "The highest human good is happiness" it is a kind of work. He says that humans have a specific nature, and those who fully actualize that nature are considered to be happy. All human actions have a purpose, which I think is completely true. Aristotle argues that life is not meaningless, and there must be an ultimate purpose to human existence, which he describes as being the "highest good."

To me happiness describes the way I feel inside, it goes beyond just a smile on my face. I believe that one can't understand happiness until they live their life without any regrets. There will always be a point in anyone's life where things aren't going the way you want planned. The people you love and care for will go on to live an after life. Friendships will have ups and downs, and sometimes end. Life is a journey and you chose the path that you want to take. Everything has its reason and it is up to you to end it the way you want. Happiness for me is going to be when I can look at my life and not regret one thing. To be able to look at my children and be proud of being that parent who brought another being into this world, and raised him/her to the person that he/she will become. Cherishing everything I am so lucky to have, the family who is always there for me no matter what. Living for the moment and appreciating everything I am so fortunate for.

I think that the word "happiness" isn't just a word you can look up in a dictionary and after reading the definition you can understand what it means. Every human being who was created by God was created differently. We all have our own physical features, we all have our own characteristics, and every single person has their own mind and soul. No one is perfect, and that's why I think



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