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Are Review Centers Really Necessary?

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Every student has a dream university. Senior high school students feel anxious, pressured and stressed when entrance exams for their dream universities are near. Many ways are used by students for them to pass these entrance exams. Some self-study from online practice tests, some buy books specifically for the review of CETs (College Entrance Exam), and others go to review centers.

There are a lot of review centers in the Philippines with the purpose of helping SHS students pass entrance exams. Some of these review centers are Ahead, Brain Train, MSA, Mentorsplus, Academic Gateway, Dalubhasa, and Review Masters. Most of these review centers are held during the summer before entering Grade 12 to avoid conflicting with the students’ classes. Many students ask, “what is the objective of these review centers?”

Review centers not only help students through practice tests on every subject which will be included in CETs but also teach students to enter their dream university with alternative ways. Some of these alternative ways are taking a different course and transferring to their dream course after a year, taking a course in another campus for one year and transferring to the desired campus, and studying in a different university, maintaining high grades, and transferring to the desired university after a year.

Students who attended review centers do not guarantee that they pass the entrance exams. Some can even top the review center class but still don’t pass their CETs which is why they tell these alternative ways of entering universities. If it does not assure that students pass the CETs, why take it in the first place?

These review centers also help students for the Grade 12 school year and improve their grades. However, are not required to attend review centers especially when students do not have the money to go on these. It is proven that many pass the entrance exams because of taking review



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