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Archeology Expedition

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                                                                                              Stephanie Veledo                                                                                                  September 3, 2012                                                                                                  Period 2

       Archeology Expedition

My expedition to find the tomb of King Raneb has begun and my team and I have arrived in Egypt and are ready to begin our journey. My team consists of a medical staff, chef, a professional restorer, archeologist, field director, local workmen, photographers, professors, a specialist in Egyptian hieroglyphics, translator, and a sponsor. My supplies include clothes appropriate with the dessert climate (hats, long sleeve shirt, pants, sunblock, sunglasses), a large supply of water, tents, battery operated fans, canned foods (beans, nuts) sleeping bags, vaccines, archeological brushes, excavation tool, magnifiers, shovels, mattock, shaker screen, bucket auger, map, gloves. We may encounter some limitations with the weather, such as dehydration and sun poisoning and some missing pieces inside the tomb because of the large amount grave robbers. Well it’s already been two months since we started our expedition and we haven’t found anything except a couple pottery jars, and half of our crew has gotten sun poisoning. We spend all day in the sun surrounded by endless miles of sand with the rays of the sun beaming down on our shoulders, this isn’t what I expected it to be. Two weeks and 45 bottles of sunscreen later and we finally found the tomb of King Raneb “Lord of the Sun.” After all that work we are all so happy to have found it, I can’t wait to find out the secrets King Raneb took to his tomb, but we’ll just have to wait a while for that, we wouldn’t want to damage it. My experience on this trip has been amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity, even though the weather was not in our favor, the tomb seems to be intact. This trip can help find the tombs of other rulers and probably add another chapter to your history book.  



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