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Arabian Nights

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The Arabian Nights

In the ancient dynasty of the Sassanidae, there once lived a king who was said to be one of the best monarch of his time. He had two sons that loved each other very much and once their father died, the eldest Schahriar became king. Schahriar had a wife who he loved immensely. He would give anything she ever wanted to her. Sadly, he had found out that she had deceived him. He was so hurt that he ordered his grand-vizir to kill her. He then began to think that all women have wicked inside of them. So he came up with a plan to marry a fresh wife everyday and proceed to strangle her the following morning. He had his grand-vizir find the woman to be married and kill the woman the next morning.

The grand-vizir had two daughters of his own. The eldest one was Scheherazade who was a very bright and beautiful young woman. She had ordered her father to send her as Schahriars next wife, which made her father very horrified because everyone new what happens to the Sultans bride. Scheherazade said that she wanted to stop this practice of the Sultan and as a favor to send her as a bride. However the grand-vizir sadly gave Scheherazade her wish, having the thought there is a good chance he would be the one killing her one morning.

Scheherazade was very blissful to hear that she was marrying the Sultan, thanking her father warmly. When she was preparing for her wedding, she asked to speak with her sister, Dinarzade. She had told Dinarzade to wake her up one hour before daybreak and ask her, “My sister, if you are not asleep, I beg of you, before the sun rises, to tell me one of your charming stories.” The Sultan let Dinarzade sleep in the same room that Scheherazade slept, for it was the last night to spend with her sister. One hour before daybreak Dinarzade had spoken the words that Scheherazade asked her to. Then Scheherazad proceeded by asking the Sultan, “ Will your



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