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Apuntes Historia Islas Britanicas Facts & Figures.

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Essay Preview: Apuntes Historia Islas Britanicas Facts & Figures.

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Facts & Figures.

[pic 1]

-Wales + England = Britania

-Great Britain (England + Scotland) + Northern Island = The United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Island

-Alba (in Scotish) = Scotland. “When light comes”

-Albis = the white land. Everything you see from France is the cliff of dover which is white.

-Eire = Ireland.

-Cymru = Wales. (it means “foreigners” in Welsh)


Haggis is an animal that lives in the mountains of Scotland, according to the legend. Haggis is a food made of the guts of an animal (com la botifarra de bull) and they tell kids is an animal not to tell them they eat guts.

Address tae the haggis-poem in scots by Robert Burns, which is not another language but not English either. (como el andaluz del español)

In Hebrides, they talk in Scots Gaelic (old language of the Gaelic people), but in the south of Scotland, they talk scots, and in the north east, they talk English.

In the Shetland Islands and Orkney islands they don’t have the same origins as Scottish or Gaelic people.

Thistle, typical plant of the Scottish mountains. (cardo).

Scotland has two flags. If the monarchs are in the country, they use the flag with the lion; if they aren’t, they use the one with the cross.


Welsh is only spoken on the north (20% of the people of Wales), in the other parts, they talk English.

One of the characteristics of welsh is that they join words so they have one of the largest place name in Europe.

Old land of our fathers-Welsh anthem.

Plaid Cymru – Welsh national party.


Nobody talks Cornish. Their language is full of Cornish words, though.


Eire /ea/. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. Therefore, Ireland is divided in two. They have different religion because they have conflicts. The king of England made them change their religion and they didn’t. The head of the Catholic Church is the pope but the head of the English church is the king, that is their difference. There are laws in England that say that if somebody is a catholic that somebody is a traitor because they believe in a foreigner power (God) and not in the King. The catholic could work for the new owners (Scotish and England, because they wouldn’t accept to change religion) if they spoke English or leave their country and find another work. All this conflict with the invasion and everything is called the plantation.



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