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636 Applied Management: Project Agreement

Wellington Regional Training and Technology Centre (RTTC)


Project Definition and Scope


The organisation RTTC objectives of its establishment are listed in its business plan in hierarchical order as follows. RTTC objectives according to the 2008 Business plan are

• RTTC is to provide information, guidance and advice on careers in the trade and technology sectors.

• To enhance the organisations relationship links with potential employers and graduates.

• To strengthen Wellington Institute of Technology linkages with the industry, community, organisations, schools, local agencies and parents.

• To promote Weltec training programmes.

• To increase the number of students studying at Wellington Institute of Technology specifically in the trade and technology areas.


RTTC was established in the month of June 2007. RTTC establishment was funded by the NZ Government with an initial input of $2.4 million. RTTC came through the idea of the Deputy CEO of Weltec. RTTC initial vision according to the 2008 Business plan is

“To lift the profile of the trade and technology careers and training and be the first choice provider of trade and technology career and training information and advice to the wider Wellington region”

The Centre is managed by two part time staff, a modern apprenticeship coordinator Belinda Weepu and a receptionist. Tony Love is the manager in charge of the centre’s operations and is regarded as the company sponsor. All initial contact was made through him.

The organisational target market for the RTTC Centre is to

• Being a successful centre in attracting students from the Wellington region and also from others parts of New Zealand who needs requires advanced technical skills.

• Establishing positive relationships with prospective employers who require technically skilled labour. This is a current problem for the centre which it wishes to address.

• Graduates from the Weltec’s Trade and Technical courses, who wish to find employment. The Centre can fill in the shortage in the employment industry.

• To have links with relevant secondary schools with an interest in the trade and technology sector.

Problem Identification for RTTC

During the personal interview on the 2nd April 2008, with the manager of RTTC, Tony Love mentioned that the two major problems it wished the project team to address was

• The Centre wished to established and have more favourable relationships within the employment industry.

• The Centre also wants to have a better awareness within the Wellington Region, however due to budget constraints the Centre wants to achieve this in a cost effective manner.

The Budget for RTTC for the current year 2008 has yet not been approved, however a request for approximately $30,000. The problems mentioned have occurred to due budget constrains. Furthermore due to this, awareness of the centre around the Wellington is minimal due to insufficient promotion of the centre. The lack of employer connections by the centre has caused a gap in filling of recent graduates in the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme.

Stakeholder Definitions and Needs

The RTTC organisation was established by the Wellington Institute of Technology in collaboration with the NZ government. The stakeholders for the RTTC organisation are

• Prospective Trade and Technology Students

• Regional Trade and Technology Centre(RTTC) Committee

• Wellington Institute of Technology Council

• NZ Government

• The Star Consultancy Project Group-Zafar,Sheetal and Jyoti

The four main stakeholders for the RTTC organisation are

• Prospective Trade and Technology Students

The Centre is regarded as one stop shop for information for careers in these areas. The centre also caters for student interested in a general course offered by Weltec such as business or tourism.

• Regional Trade and Technology Centre(RTTC) Committee

The Committee schedules 3 meetings in the current year. The meeting minutes generally discusses the performance of the organisation and what decisions be made to achieve its terms of reference collaborated with the Government.

• Weltec Council

The Council is sole financier for the Centre. With each financial year for Weltec, the council decides an appropriate amount for RTTC. For the 2008 year, the organisation has request a budget for $30,000 which is under consideration by the Council.

• Government

The Government was the initial capital source for RTTC, The Government collaborated with RTTC and Weltec on a set Terms of Reference document, outlining how the organisation should operate in an ethnical manner.

The Internal Stakeholders for RTTC

• Tony Love, Manager-Wellington Regional Trade and Technology

• Three Star Consultancy Group-Zafar,Sheetal and Jyoti

Internal Stakeholders Needs

Internal Stakeholder Requirements Importance Ranking Why this is important?

Establish Better Relationship with Prospective Employers with RTCC

Increase Awareness in RTTC target market about the function of RTTC organisation

Three Star Consultancy Group achieve a A level grade in Applied Management

The External Stakeholders



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