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Application Letter

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Mr. John Hilker

Plant Manager

Land O' Frost

3295 Nebo Road

Madisonville, Ky 42431

Dear Mr. Hilker:

I am acquiring about a recent job listing I found online at With the upcoming opening of the new Land O' Frost factory here in Madisonville I would just like to mention how much this will benefit the community to have such a prestigious business opening. I believe that your business will benefit everyone in the surrounding area. I have been watching the job market for about a year now as well as the construction of the new facility in which Land O' Frost will soon call home.

An entry level position in your company with room to advance is exactly what I have been looking for on my search to start my career off properly. With your company's excellent reputation I feel that being a part of the new Land O' Frost team would be a real honor. As you can see from my enclosed resume I have the experience to be a valuable asset to your business. I have the necessary people skills from working as a sales associate as well as front office skills from my recent work at the Dixon Bank.

Along with my experience I feel my education has been pointing me in the direction of a job in an established, credible company such as yours. I have business classes, computer courses, and basic public speaking courses that qualify me for the job. I believe a major part of a good employee is being a team player. I have the experience and the drive to work with both customers, and co-workers on a day to day basis.

I would be happy to discuss my credentials more thoroughly in a personal interview at your convenience. You can phone me at 270-452-1199



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