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Apple Ipod - Vipi Analysis

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VIPI вЂ" Value Analysis

Value is perceived in different ways, by customers and organisations in relation to the product or service that is provided. The definition of value is what something is worth and the desirability. Also what is gained from the money aspect, and to whether the product or service actually fulfils its purpose.

Value has different aspects which include company values; which relates to new innovations, job growth, reducing costs, as well as long term production and so forth. Value must meet customers’ needs which they benefit from the product or service.

In relation to the iPod, the product has been innovated many times and has targeted different markets. The product has been improved and changed to provide better features for the customer

Value in VIPI can be linked to the Apple iPod in three different aspects one from the point of the customer, the other being the competitive advantage and the third in relation to the design element.

The customer point of view in relation to Value would be that a variety of choices of products are available in the iPod range in the sense of capacity, size of the iPod and the colour availability.

The Apple Nano comes in different colours not as much of a colour variety as it only is available in black or white. It also has different memory capacities.

Then there is the Apple shuffle this is designed slightly differently as it more like a USB stick so that consumers are able to just place it in the computer.

Quality and design play a part in the value aspect of the product and it all integrates to the standard finish. In relation to the VIPI framework, Value is usually at the top of the hierarchy. (show the pyramid and highlight value at the top)

With Apple continuously innovating they have improved the battery life, increased the memory capacity, or a better colour options. With each change they have considered the value and to what it will mean to the customer and how will that meet their needs.

Apple is considering new features to add into the iPod, due to new technology that is being introduced such as voice activated systems which will allow customers to control the iPod without pressing keypad. They could also have a personal digital assistant which will have computer software to help customers with other activities. This should increase the value aspect and to what the iPod would mean to an individual.

With the success of the Apple iPod, it shows that they have achieved the value aspect of the VIPI framework. Weather it may be of value to the individual or a value for money it has achieved it.

VIPI вЂ" Image Analysis

The iPod, new revolution in music listening, is built to suit customer needs, giving music listeners a choice of how they would like there iPod due to the wide range of models with different specifications.

iPod holds a big image to music listeners because they are being facilitated to the public at large. Customer’s are fond of the improvements which apple have made of which revolutionizes music listening. Due to this sales have also increased to other products and services provided by apple.

Identity вЂ" apple iPod has an identity, which the firm has achieved due to the breakthrough of new technology. The iPod is very systematic because its image is the same throughout and what it does that resembles music. The design of the I-Pod is sleek and appealing, which is made easy to use, and understandable for all users making it a user-friendly model and comprehensive. iPod holds a symbolic value to its customers, and is incorporated by all consumers.

Because of apple being known to the market for its variety of products and services, the positioning of the iPod just fitted in well. The market position has been seen to effectively, communication and brand strategy is appealed well because of previous links in suppliers and on-line distribution of apple products.

iPod uses ongoing technology management, in which the product has kept on developing, the technology awareness is high due to the demand, which will satisfy the customer needs. For competition situations iPod has had to develop their products to create an image, which will always be known to the consumers. They developed their market penetration strategy into a product development strategy. Where they are meeting their current markets giving what they want, and bringing their new products into new and existing markets. iPod has taken its opportunity to increase product awareness, in diversification and product development for the future.

When apple had take a new product onto the market which was the iPod, they gave the new innovation a great and ideal image, which had ensured that this would be a new step into music listening.

VIPI вЂ" Process Analysis


The iPod process began with Apple accessing the market ad finding a need for the consumers. By looking at the opportunity and developing what was already on the market. Companies before the iPod released hard drive based music players, unlike their competitors the iPod used a high speed FireWire interface to transfer files on and off of it, and it used a tiny hard drive, that made the device a quarter of the size of compared to products on the market. Every detail was taken into consideration and all design elements were strategic moves for allowing the user to experience the best quality of music, even the ear buds defined themselves by being different and



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