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The word \"Apostle\" is a Greek word that means \"to send forth\" or follower. Jesus chose 12

apostles and they weere Andrew, Jude, Judas, Matthew, Bartholomew, Matthias, Peter,

Philip, Simon, Thomas, John and James. The religious

symbolism of Jesus chosing 12 apostles

is directly related to the 12 Ancient Tribes of Israel.

The role of the Apostles when Jesus lived was to help spread the word of God. Jesus

picked these 12 uneducated men because he wanted to bring a new perspective to life. These

men gave a new meaning to teaching.

The responsibilities

of the apostles changed after Jesus\' Crucification. Now these men had to

spread the word of God by themselves. The Christians were now being persecuted by the

Romans. All of them died at the hands of the Romans. They were martyrs.

These men, who were Jesus\' followers, left their families and possessions

behind to travel the

land and spread the word of Christianity. They walked the land of Israel converting people into

Christianity. They saw Jesus after his Ressurection, ate with him, talked with him. They were

true believers. Their job was



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