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Apollo 13

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Apollo 13 voyage to land on the part of the moon called Fra Maura was not to be achieved, because of technology fails and Oxygen was rapidly running out, but that didn’t stop the intelligent astronauts from getting home.

Apollo 13 was supposed to land April 17th 1970 approximately at 6:07:41 central time. Apollo 13 had many objectives, experiments, and missions to complete up there in space but unfortunately, other things stirred up while on the space craft. The objective to land on Fra Maura was completed in Apollo 14. The odds were against the astronauts, but the astronauts were brainstorming were figuring things out about how to make the treacherous capsule safe and sound. The astronauts ingenuity and thoughts help out in the end and help the astronauts get home and safe. In fact the world wide known quote said by john swirget “Houston, we have a problem” came from the voyage of Apollo 13. Based off of real stuff of one of the worst NASA tragedy's. In 1971, NASA plans to send people out to the Moon for a lunar mission.

- John Wiggins This incident was best known the most tragic, and historic moment in NASA history. This incident was so historic that many years later they had made a movie about it Apollo 13. The movie had factual scenes and was a great and detailed movie. The movie showed how they made this contraption that help the oxygen level and survived. This movie also showed a whole bunch of great and factual stuff that gave the movie great detail and etc



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