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The Apocalipto

Journal Response

I recently saw the film call The Apocalipto the really got me thinking. This film has showed me many things such as encourage, loyalty, and believes. For this purpose I will be focus in a major theme which is the loyalty to ones culture. It is admirable when someone is loyal to something especially to its own culture.

Supposed that you were an individual who lives in the mountains and have its own culture. Your entire life away from civilization and one day someone offers you the opportunity to change your life with one condition this been that you must change your way of living for example: You must change your way of dressing, eating, etc. Would you take this opportunity? Yes, or no.

If your answer yes, you probably did not put yourself in this person shoes. Or you may just want to see what else is there for you. Perhaps Better opportunities or better way of living. But if you answer no, you are an individual with loyalty to culture, you are someone who knows the value of been loyal to its culture.

In this century our society had faced a major problem loyalty. There are probably many things that contribute to this problem. I believe the major cause is the many member of our society are constant trying to be better then anybody else even if the means that they must give up their loyalty to it own culture. This individual how no idea of what the value of loyalty really is.

If we compare with our ancestor people did not have many problems in their own community simply, because they were able to understand the value of loyalty. Our ancestor had respected at all the member of their society. This does not mean that our societies are not loyal to their culture. A good majority of people are nowadays. But back in the passed centuries, many people were loyal to their culture above all else. However, when things didn't seem right, many member of society had decided to change those



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