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Ap Essay Madame Bovary

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In the passage Flaubert uses various techniques to reveal the conditions of the characters relationship. Flaubert uses diction to establish the contrasting tones between Charles and Emma. The tone Flaubert depicts for Charles is a naпve happiness which then transitions to a more confused tone for Emma, revealing their unstable relationship.

Flaubert reveals in this passage a rather happy tone for Charles. At one point in the passage it says " at such moments his happiness knew no bounds." This shows Charles's happiness because at times it knew no bounds, meaning his hapiness at times is excessive. The fact that Charles is portrayed as this happy, makes the reader excited and happy with him. This excitement also pulls the reader into Charles state of mind making the reader root for Charles throughout the passage.

The tone Flaubert establishes for Emma in this passage is different, by far, then that of Charles. The tone transitions from happiness for Charles to a confused tone for Emma. In the passage Flaubert doesn't set a concrete tone for Emma besides a confused one. In the beginning it says "she was eager," demonstrating that she too as well as Charles was anxious for the baby to arrive. Later on in the passage she says, "think about it more seriously," which shows her confusion for what she wants. As the reader you can't help but dislike Emma and her confusion.

The tones established for the two characters by Flaubert shows that their relationship is unstable. Charles's happiness and Emma's confusion just do not mix. If Charles is happy about one thing and then Emma is at one point and at not the next, then their relationship can't be anything but unstable. Unstable meaning good at points and bad at other points. Like said before Flauberts tone for Emma was confusion. At the times where Emma agreed with Charles its assumed that their relationship is good. When Emma's



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