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Anybody's Son Will Do

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It is 21th-century socialization is one of the foundations of today's social development. This article ‘Anybody's son will do' talk about how to train young people into the military and how socialization influence young people in the army.

Because of socialization, today's military needs to unite, rigorously and systematically train young people. First, they bring all the teenagers to the same training camp and let them know that no matter what kinds of families they lived in before, they are equal in the training camp, everyone has no status and race, they were all soldiers. Then, these teenagers will face cruel and rigorous training. During the training, the instructors are strict with them and will never encourage them, how these teenagers encourage each other and their relationship becomes like brothers. Thus, the army needs to let them know what war is and the cruelty of war, these teenagers may know nothing about the war before, after they really know that the war comes with the blood and death, they will be scared. However, the young mind is easily infected and changed, with the indoctrination, these young people will know who their enemies are and who they fight for, then they can face the war and not afraid to be in the war. After all the above, they become real soldiers.

Before these teenagers join the army, the things which influence their mind is primary socialization, during this period, the people they will become in the future depend on their culture, social class, families, and race. After they join the army, they are in the secondary socialization, at this time they were influenced by the army and become soldiers. Also, when they are in the training camp, they stay together and do the same things(training), they are equal, and they are in the same social environment, so they influence each other also, then become more and closer, they become a team and help each other, truth each other. That is what the army needs them to be, but the army needs more. They afraid of the war, this is nature, human instinct hopes for peace, fear of war and fear of death. So, the army training them and let them know why they fight, this is nurture, the army influence the way they think.



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