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Antibacterial Properties Of Garlic And Mint

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Mint and Garlic Practical

Aim: The aim of this experiment was to investigate into the antibacterial properties of some plants.


Independent Variable: Type of plant used

Dependant Variable: The diameter in cm of clearing

Confounding Variables: Room temperature

Surrounding bacteria

Concentration of plant solution

Volume of plant solution

Safety Precautions

No food or drink was to be consumed during the experiment as we were using living bacteria which could harm our health.

When using the methylated spirits eye goggles were worn to prevent it from splashing into our eyes.

Lab coats were worn throughout the experiment to protect our clothes from methylated spirits.


To avoid contamination during this experiment I used the following aseptic techniques:

Washed hands thoroughly before and after experiment.

Disinfected work surfaces with 1% Virkon

No eating or drinking

Made sure equipment was sterile before use by immersing in methylated spirits and then heating in a Bunsen burner.


Reliability of Results

To make sure my results were reliable I repeated it many times and found the average. Extreme anomalies have been left out of the data used. I also recorded the results of a control for both variables. The control was soaked in methylated spirits to see if this inhibited the growth of bacteria also.





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