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Anti Buglar Beg

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These days, we often hear about the incident where our stuff was stolen without us noticing and realizing it. Now, when we get out of the house, we need to be careful. Furthermore, we must always take precautions with our stuff, especially when we have to take public transport such as buses, LRT and KTM at a busy time. Therefore, it is recommended if we have the cash, should always save it in a separate pocket. This is because, in this way we avoid the thief from stealing all our money. In addition, we will have to carry a bag on the front when in crowded places with the public to prevent important items from being stolen.

Nevertheless, we no longer have to worry about our goods being stolen while in the public place or while riding public scares. This is because there has been a bag where our company, New Ideas, has released an anti-burglar bag. This bag is made of waterproof fabric and anti-scratch nylon. Thus, the life span of this bag longer and we do not have to worry if it rains. Additionally, this anti-thief bag sling is also suitable for use during work, for short trips, schools and as bags for daily use. In addition, a small siren will sound when other people or thieves open the bag without using the device. For simple terms, other than the owner of the bag, others will not be able to open the sling bag.

Furthermore, this sling bag not only has a siren that will sound if someone else opens the bag sling bag but also is designed with 300D or 600D, six millimetres anti-shock foam and cut-proof protection board PP. Besides, we are making the front and sides for this anti-theft smart sling bag both cut-proof. This anti-burglar bag also has night security. The reflect bars on the surface of the bag will make sure you travel safely during the night. The lights at the bag can be seen within 100 meters. Moreover, this bag also is designed to relief the weight pushing down on your shoulder when you using this sling bag. Therefore, you



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