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Essay Preview: Anti-Americanism

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Most political "isms" are mainly dead or discarded by the 20th Century through our human society. Anti-Americanism has not been discarded yet and by the look of it, it seems like it will not be discarded anytime soon. Anti-Americanism is a disapproval or resentment towards the government, culture, history, and the people of the United States. Anti-Americanism exists not only in Latin America but also specifically and recently in Iraq, Europe, and Venezuela because the citizens of those countries believe Americans are hypocritical and forceful.

Anti-Americanism has increased recently and because of that increase, there has been a decline in United States soft power. Soft power is, "its ability to attract others by the legitimacy of U.S. policies and the values that underlie them" (Nye 477). The United States are use to other countries helping them when they are threatened with terrorism. Since the increase of anti-Americanism most countries are less likely to jump up and help the United States; it now depends on how well the United States looks. Areas like Latin America, Europe, and even the Middle East are continually to face problems with the United States and the government. America is continually trying to force their government policies on these areas just because America does not like these policies they already have established. These places have an elected government official and are taking care of by those people who elected him. America should not be intruding their government policies on these places, because these places have government policies that work for them already. America should be focusing on them selves and taking priority care in their selves first.

Anti-Americanism in Iraq is continuing to grow more and more each day. The Bush Administration are keeping the United States troops in Iraq for a long period of time which is bothering the Iraqi people. They believe that the only reason the United



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