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Anthropology Work Experience

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27 November 2007

Organizations as Culture Systems

Organizational Anthropology in Adept Consumer Testing

Many anthropologists have developed key concepts when studying culture and culture change. These ideas can be used more specifically when studying business organizations. In most cases, the success of a company correlates directly with the extent to which culture and strategy of a company blend. Anthropological ideas can help identify the culture of an organization and provide a strategy to help it excel.

To help understand how concepts in anthropology relate to business organizations, I observed a market research company called Adept Consumer Testing. The purpose of the organization is to find out what buyers really want and how them, the sellers, can capitalize and make a successful product. After days of compiling information, it was clear that the company had an effective strategy. There are two supervisors and about ten employees making phone calls to random individuals throughout the San Fernando Valley. When making these phone calls the employees survey the individual by asking questions and if they qualify for what kind of person a company is looking for, they are invited to what is called a "focus group." There they will undertake random tests that help companies make products that will attract buyers. For the person's time they receive money so everyone leaves satisfied. Of course Adept receives a percentage as well for organizing the whole thing. In addition to observing the companies purpose, I also paid attention to the unique culture and environment the company offers to its employees.

When one first enters the building where Adept employees work, the first thing one notices is the elaborate atmosphere. The company provides a spacious working environment with drinks and snacks always available to its employees. Each employee has their own desk equipped with supplies everyday so each worker has everything they need to perform at their best abilities. The environment is very organized and each person is polite and welcoming. I believe people are kind and enthusiastic at this job because they look forward to going to it. Most of the times people are unhappy at work because they are forced to do something they do not enjoy doing. Adept however, takes care of this issue by providing a healthy and friendly environment. Studies show that when people enjoy their job, they are more productive and personally, I have never seen people take such pride in their work like those of Adept.

As well as providing a great environment, I also saw a culture emerge out of the company. The organization could be seen as a group of individuals, or society if you will, that values success. The company pays each employee a wage and awards commission to those who find the most qualifying candidates for each survey. Usually a market research company does



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