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Ann Hutchinson

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        Ann Hutchinson was a member of the Puritan Movement that had ventured across the Atlantic in order to practice there religion without consequence. She was married to William Hutchinson and barred nine children. She arrived in the Puritan colony at Massachusetts Bay in 1634 and was exiled in April of 1638 due to her threat towards the puritan colony. Ann Hutchinson was considered a threat towards the Puritan colony due to her regular meetings and views on the ministries, her influence on the people of the colony, and her deliverance of a covenant of works.

        Ann Hutchinson was accused of holding religious meetings where she shared her views on the current religious figures. It was said that she believed these individuals were un-fit to preach the new testament and that they were preaching a covenant of works rather than a covenant of grace. In her trail she stated that these meetings were held and weren't breaking any law. She did not admit too declaring the current ministers un-fit for their jobs, however did state that they could not speak a covenant of grace so clearly as Mr. Cotton.

        Ann Hutchinson was also believed to influence the public against the church. Ann Hutchinson was a very influential person within the community. During her meetings she discussed the gospel and people began to respect her and listen to her views. At this time in history it was rare for a women to be respected in terms of speaking her views. Men even came to visit her when she held these meeting which was against social norms.

        She was also accused of the act of delivering a covenant of works rather than a covenant of grace. A covenant of works was considered the ability for you to change and earn salvation from God through good behavior. The Puritans did not believe in this and believed that God has only chosen some people and that you have a pre determined path of life.



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