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Analysis of Gary Johnson Political Campaign

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Essay Preview: Analysis of Gary Johnson Political Campaign

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The Gary Johnson political campaign ad was the most persuading due to the variation and depth of the Ethos, Pathos, and Logos used in the ad. Logos is first shown when Gary Johnson first elaborates the fact that he “Vetoed wasteful spending 750 times.”(Johnson). As well as “Cutting taxes 14 times.”(Johnson) to add to this William Weld stated that when he was the governor of Massachusetts he “cut taxes 21 times.” (Weld) and taking the unemployment rate from the highest to the lowest of the 11 industrial states. The ad Elaborates Ethos by when Gary Johnson elaborates that he gave the state a billion dollar surplus without raising taxes a penny. Also compared to the other candidates they’ve “been there, and done that.” (Johnson and Weld). Pathos is placed all over the ad such as when Gary Johnson said that he wants the government to treat the people “More like family and not livestock.” (Johnson) as well as stating they believe in “Equal Marriage.” (Johnson) and that they want the government out of your pocketbook and your bedroom. Logos is shown within the quotes by using many numerical statistics and the stone evidence that is provided. Ethos is depicted in the evidence by explaining that they can be trusted by the billion dollar surplus without raising taxes which shows they are prone to wasteful spending. Pathos is portrayed in the article by the two of them elaborating on the morally right side of popular issues today. Which included same sex marriage, immigration, government spending, and middle eastern combat.



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