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Analysis Of Shell And Ebay

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Essay Preview: Analysis Of Shell And Ebay

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Analysis of the company Shell

Product and Services:

Shell is a leader in the marketing of fuels, lubricants, coolants, services and solutions. Mainly for customers in automotive, commercial and industrial sectors.

They produce some of 19% of Britain's oil and 23% of its gas, enough to supply over 1/3 of UK domestic gas customers.

Shell finds its materials in 57 fields, operating 14 offshore production platforms and produce from one Floating production, Storage and Offtake vessel and 23 gas fields. They also operate 2 Gas Plants and one Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Fractionation Plant with Marine Loading Terminal.

Shell develops and tests their products at their Thornton Research Centre in Cheshire. They run programmes of environmental research to cut the impact of emissions to earth, air and water, and find new ways of cleaning up past industrial contamination.


Shells wide range of customers includes:

- Shell for Motorists: Fuels, Service Stations, Car Care, etc.

- Shell for Businesses: Farming, Transport, Construction, etc.

- Shell for the Home: Gas LPG, Home Heating.

Shell wins and maintains customers by developing and providing products and services which offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact.

Environment and Society:

Shells operations do impact on the environment, but they are working hard to minimize all those impacts through continuous improvement. This is proven by Shell's commitment to:

- HSE Policy

- Shells Social Investment

- Shells Employee Volunteering

- The Shell Foundation.

There are some 15,500 Shell employees in the UK, 8,500 in mainstream businesses and 7,000 in subsidiary companies.

The efforts and commitment of Shell's employees helped the company:

- achieve record production and lowest unit costs in exploration and production.

- build world-class research, information technology and other service organizations.

- make a positive impact on the communities in which they live and work.




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