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An Investigation In To The Rate Of Reaction

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Essay Preview: An Investigation In To The Rate Of Reaction

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An investigation in to the rate of reaction


I am going to investigate the rate of reaction. The reaction I will be using is:

Calcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric acid ---- Calcium Chloride + water + carbon dioxide.

CaCO3 + 2HCl ---- CaCl +H2O + CO2

Measurements and Variables:

The variables I have chosen to change is strength of the hydrochloric acid which will be 1 mole, 0.7 mole, 0.5 mole, 0.3 mole and 0.1 mole some variable I will not be using are temperature, mass, density.

The measurements I will be using are time (s) and volume in (cm3).

Fair Test:

To make sure this a fair test I will get exact amounts of the Hydrochloric acid and Calcium Carbonate. I will also make sure that the Gas syringe is at zero when I start the experiment. I will also try and start the stopwatch as soon as I add the Hydrochloric acid.


To make sure this will be a safe experiment I will make sure I wear goggles at all time. I will wash my hand immediately after the experiment is over, and will make sure I am attentive when handling acid.


I predict that the stronger the concentration of hydrochloric acid the more carbon dioxide is given off. I think this because there will be more particles in a certain area (15cm3) so there will be more collisions. I also think that there will be a quantitative relationship that if you double the concentration the rate will double. I think this because of the collision theory.

I will be using strategy 3 because the gas syringe gives accurate readings, it's quick and easy to set up and there is enough for everyone to use them.

I am not using strategy 1 because the measuring cylinder isn't very accurate and has to be perfectly vertical.

I am not using Strategy 2 because there are not enough electric scales.


Calcium carbonate

Hydrochloric acid


Rubber plug tube

Gas syringe




Trial experiment:

I have done a trial experiment to see whether the strategy I am using is the suitable for my investigation.

I did this trial with 1 mole 0.5 mole and 0.1 mole and timed it over a period of 20 seconds, I recorded these results.

5 seconds 10 seconds 15 seconds 20 seconds

1mole 89cm3 93cm3 96cm3 97cm3

0.5 mole 56cm3 58cm3 59cm3 59.5cm3

0.1 mole 2cm3 2cm3 2.5cm3 3cm3

As you can see there is a good pattern as the stronger the acid the more carbon dioxide is given off. After these trial runs I have decided to carry on with the investigation with the same variable.


I have found out that the more concentrated the solution is the more carbon dioxide is given off. This is because as I stated in my plan that if there is



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